by @TheSchachter

An introduction and explanation of the Simple Rating System can be found at the start of my GW17 article.

Let’s start by going over the GW34 predictions and results:

3/9 correct predictions. Coming back to the ground after our 10/10. But GW34 was very weird, weird result, weird fantasy returns. I somehow got a green arrow with 40 points and no Phillips. I haven’t owned Phillips for all the season, and I have been punished by him in the last few weeks. Moving on as we say.

1/3 correct recommendations. 1 of 3 seems to be the standard for this part of the article. I have a lot of excuses this week. I wasn’t tipping GvB a for his abilities as LB. Holland was sold out by Tarrico in the first few minutes of the game. However, my dear boy Nolberto did the business, and was largely responsible for my green arrow.

Now for GW35 ratings and predictions:

SRS Ratings:

Home & Away Ratings:

Bayes Rating:

GW35 Predictions:

Another interesting BGW, this time we’ll have to do without our Chelsea and Fulham assets. We have a rare week were all the games are predicted as home wins. It doesn’t feel out of the question that this will happen. Let’s focus on three of those matches.

First player to recommend this week is Michael Owen. One of my childhood heroes, he hasn’t quite made his impact on our sim, but he did show he is capable of double-digit hauls. Against West Ham at home with a predicted margin of 2 is what you want. I’m bringing him in this week to cope with the injury of our legend Mark.

Second player to recommend this week is Alan Smith. We are at the stage of the season where people are going to take risk in order to advance in the standings. We have it confirmed that this bad boy is going to play, and from what we saw in this game so far, we can probably assume that the spot is his. Against Lei at home would be an amazing opportunity to prove he deserves the spot.

Third player to recommend is Matt Jansen. He is probably the player that I recommended most this season. For some reason I really like him in this game and he always returns for me. I am tipping him once again, but this time I believe he will return big time. Fingers crossed.