by @TheSchachter

An introduction and explanation of the Simple Rating System can be found at the start of my GW17 article.

Let’s start by going over the GW32 predictions and results:

7/11 correct predictions. We are back on the horse! Sort of. 2 of the 4 misses coming from the rising Bolton. What a week they had. Hopefully we’ll be able to improve even further with a week that seems easy to predict. We will meet here again next week to see if that was true. Southampton are now firmly the worst team in the league.

0/3 correct recommendations. Very very bad recommendations, sorry about that. Firstly, I recommended to avoid Bolton players which blew up in my face.  Then we have Harte with a 1 pointer, Festa with 3 and Zola didn’t even feature. Embarrassing.

Now for GW33 ratings and predictions:

SRS Ratings:

Home & Away Ratings:

Bayes Rating:

GW33 Predictions:

We have a great GW33 week with 9/10 matchups predicted as home wins(!!) and with nice margins also. As d1sable mentioned, this is also a week with a high chance of rotation. I will try to maneuver the fixtures and rotation by choosing solid picks. After a 0/3 I have to recover.

First player to recommend this week is Ian Harte. Yeah you read that right. Exactly the same as last GW. However, this time Leeds have a predicted margin of 2.5 which is massive. This is the TAA game we all have been waiting for from Harte. Goal and assist, possibly a CS as well.

Second player to recommend this week is Steven Gerrard. 2nd highest predicted margin for Liverpool with a 1.7 against Charlton at home. Steve G has been ticking along all season and I don’t think he’ll miss the chance to add to his numbers this week. 

Third player to recommend is Matt Jansen. My boy from the double GW, Jansen and his tough group from Blackburn are facing the best matchup you could ask for. Home to Southampton with a predicted margin of 1.6. With Shearer getting injured again, Jansen could be the perfect replacement and free up some funds in the process. He will be my transfer for this week.