by @TheSchachter

An introduction and explanation of the Simple Rating System can be found at the start of my GW17 article.

Life got in the way for our GW22 article and analysis. I will not go through the results and predictions of GW21/22, but you could do the exercise yourself. Pretty interesting results and predictions in those weeks.

So let’s move directly to our GW23 analysis. And what is better than a DGW to return. Here are the ratings:

SRS Ratings:

Home & Away Ratings:

Bayes Rating:

GW23 Predictions:

We have a DGW similar to the one we had in FPL this week. Only 4 teams double, and it will be wise in my opinion to heavily target those teams. Most of us should already have Ars, New and Liv assets from the blank GW. So, in my recommendations today, only spurs will be mentioned, but I will be heavily backing all 4 teams in my squad. Let’s do it.

Surprise surprise, I’m back to my Spurs recommendations. Now with Keller back in goal we might see the return of the mighty and entertaining spurs. -0.7 in the first game away to Ful suggests a big lead to Spurs, but will they disappoint again? In the 2nd game they are home to Liv, and as a reminder Spurs are now the 17th rated home team. But I’m still backing them to score in this game, I will bring in Rebrov on top of Henry this week, as I fear from rotation.

Again, Leeds are going to feature in my recommendations. Another great fixture that can’t be ignored against Villa at home. The model is backing Leeds with a 2.6 huge margin. Big win and clean sheet incoming. You know already who to target from this team.

Last recommendation, and as usual a differential one is Sunderland. They have an expected margin of 0.66. I see this match as a 2-1/3-2 Sunderland and am backing their attackers to return nicely this week.