FPLFPA – GW23 Preview

by @RichP_FPL

Hey guys!

Wildcard week! After 69 points and a red arrow (?) with a dead ended team, I’m wildcarding. I’ve been almost every number between 140-149 recently and want to start climbing back up! I’m also wildcarding in FPL but that’s another story! So let’s recap on the one week picks and then we’ll see the data and this week’s picks!

Goalkeeper: Edwin Van Der Sar – What a troll! Gets sent off and ends up on a -4. Another one off my Christmas Card list. Next!

Defender: Ian Harte – 20 points. If me and my wife have any more kids and they are boys – I’m calling him Ian. What a performance!

Midfielder: Luis Boa Morte – couple of bonus points for LBM makes this a success!

Forward: Mark Viduka – not quite Shearer levels but returns from the Big Man give us another success!

Let’s get into the data!

Positional Overall FPA Data

Home and Away Data/PPG Data


Top Scorers

One Week Picks

Goalkeeper: David Seaman – Southampton (H)/Newcastle (A) – A tasty home game against the Saints should be a prime opportunity for a clean sheet, and hopefully the Newcastle game gives us some save points/bonus. Newcastle are second for average FPL points conceded to Keepers on a PPG basis when they play at home. 

Defender: Ian Harte – Aston Villa (H) – Rolling with Harte again this week after a monster performance. Leeds average roughly 35 PPG at home as a defensive unit, whilst Villa concede an average of 21 PPG to defenders on their travels. 

Midfielder: Stephen McPhail – Aston Villa (H) – lots of DGW options this week, but I think with Villa conceding roughly 20 PPG when playing away to opposing midfield units, combined with McPhail only being £5m and fairly nailed, he could get us some returns this week!

Forward: Sergei Rebrov – Fulham (A)/Liverpool (H) – Fulham are conceding an average of 11.4 FPL points per game to opposing Forwards when playing at home, with Henry, Viduka and Shearer all having mega success there. Treating the Liverpool game as a bonus, I’m hoping Rebrov can have similar fortunes at Fulham.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope its useful and that it helps with the green arrows!