FPLFPA – GW21 Preview

by @RichP_FPL

Hey guys!

Another hectic week for me, this time in real life! As such, there are no One Week Picks this week (sad face) but I’ve still managed to collate all the data which you’ll see below (happy face). Apologies!

Let’s have a look at the OWP results followed by the up to date data!

One Week Pick Results

Quick review this week – Sereni let us down, Harte didn’t play and missed out on a clean sheet and Scowcroft has disappeared off the face of the earth! Super Matty Jansen got us a return though! Talk about a mixed week!

Let’s get into the data!

Positional Overall FPA Data

Home and Away Data/PPG Data


Top Scorers

One Week Picks

Again apologies for the lack of picks this week, but I want to make sure I research them properly and just haven’t been able to do that this week.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope its useful and that it helps with the green arrows!